Project Development

Our supreme discipline

This is the supreme discipline of real estate law. We assist and accompany our clients from the first idea to the implementation of the project and advise on all legal questions arising in relation with the development and the individual project phases. The tasks and challenges are multifaceted and evolve constantly. In particular, we provide advice relating to the following topics:

  • legal site analysis
  • assistance with the purchase of property
  • obtaining construction rights (in particular, drafting and negotiating urban development contracts and assistance with respect to functional zoning law and permission proceedings)
  • Quartiersstrukturierung (insbes. eigentumsrechtliche Strukturierung von Quartieren und Gestaltung von umfangreichen internen Quartiersvereinbarungen)
  • drafting and negotiating planning contracts, construction contracts, and other project-related contracts
  • dealing with neighbours (in particular, negotiating and drafting neighbour agreements)
  • renting and sales
Projektentwicklung absichern in unserer Kanzlei

Comprehensive advice on all project development stages – We assist you from the first idea to the implementation of the project.

We assist project developers, investors, and the public sector from the very beginning of the project development, for example by means of legal site analyses and support regarding the acquisition of property. We accompany our clients throughout any and all planning stages, in particular with respect to matters like the obtainment of construction rights, structuring of districts, and drafting of planning contracts, construction contracts, and other project-related contracts as well as dealing with the neighbours (in particular, negotiating and drafting neighbour agreements), up to and including renting and sale. Our consulting and competence focal points in this respect include any and all types of projects and types of use, as, for example, residential, commercial, industrial, and logistics purposes, as well as urban district and neighbourhood development.

We are aware of the importance of a close coordination that is adjusted to the specific project between you, the other parties involved in the project, and us, as the legal advisors. In the context of project development, this applies in particular to the cooperation with urban developers, architects, and specialist planners. This is why we place great value on an open exchange and a target-oriented and pragmatic coordination process. It is only then that, in our experience, a project development can be successfully accompanied by legal counsel. Not least of all for this reason we have been recognized as “Real Estate Experts” in one of the leading specialized magazines on real estate law, the magazine Immobilienanwälte [Real Estate Lawyers].

Our clients include renowned project development companies as well as investors that manage real estate projects of all kinds throughout Germany.

We provide advice to the public sector in the context of project developments, in particular in the field of urban planning law, for example with respect to the drafting and negotiation of urban development contracts as well as the assistance with functional zoning law and permission proceedings.

In addition to commercial construction projects and residential projects, we also accompany urban district and neighbourhood development projects with a particular emphasis on the site-specific requirements and urban planning developments. In this respect, each project is different and requires individual, project-specific advice.

Partner der KFR Rechtsanwälten

Our core competencies

We have long-standing experience in our consulting areas. This enables us to provide you with a quick and straightforward first assessment as well as, usually, a rough estimate of the required amount of work. When we advise you, we always take your economic interests into consideration. In the event that any practice areas are not covered by us, we will involve colleagues from other law firms upon your request, with which we have cooperated for years in this manner. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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