Practice areas

Our focus

This constitutes a focus area of the practice of KFR. We advise our clients comprehensively with respect to real estate transactions of all kinds, in particular regarding the property types office space, residential, retail, and logistics.

Our supreme discipline

This is the supreme discipline of real estate law. We assist and accompany our clients from the first idea to the implementation of the project and advise on all legal questions arising in relation with the development and the individual project phases. The tasks and challenges are multifaceted and evolve constantly. In particular, we provide advice relating to the following topics:

Unser Brot- und Buttergeschäft

It’s the bread and butter of the real estate sector. While oftentimes neglected in legal counselling, we consciously put it at the centre of our services. As standardization has advanced to a high degree, we are in particular able to offer very good quality legal advice at very competitive conditions in this field.

Our exceptional talent

There is no construction project without construction rights. Obtaining, enforcing, and maintaining construction rights is one of our core activities in the field of public law. Furthermore, we provide advice on many other matters relating to public law, in particular, public construction law and planning law. The co-operation and the interaction between the public sector and the builder or investor are of particular significance in this area.

Our building block to success

Construction is a business that is a source of excitement but also a source of tension. The projects are often characterized by an unusually high number of involved parties, several intersections, unforeseeable circumstances and, consequently, ...

Our maxim

Disputes are never an ideal situation, but we can provide assistance in this case as well, when needed. We represent our clients’ interests both out of court and, when no other option is available, also in court, in particular in the field of civil law and public law.

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