Dispute Resolution

Our maxim

Disputes are never an ideal situation, but we can provide assistance in this case as well, when needed. We represent our clients’ interests both out of court and, when no other option is available, also in court, in particular in the field of civil law and public law.
  • tenancy disputes
  • construction law and architectural law disputes
  • disputes with neighbours
  • administrative disputes
Konfliktlösung beim Rechtsanwalt in Hamburg

In the context of legal proceedings or in the context of real estate mediation – we help you to resolve your disputes efficiently and sustainably

A property represents strong returns and high financial value to the involved parties, but this is also precisely the reason why it simultaneously holds a considerable potential for conflict. As experienced advisors, we assist you in finding a solution for your property-related conflicts.

When we represent your interests, we do so not merely in the “traditional” way in the context of legal proceedings. It is often worthwhile to think outside the box. Beyond arbitration proceedings, a real estate mediation can offer a way out of the conflict that is less expensive and less time-consuming in comparison to legal proceedings.

Consensus instead of confrontation. Mediation is an interest-based procedure by means of which the parties are supposed to jointly find a quick, future-orientated solution that is advantageous for all involved parties. Whether in the context of project development, construction, asset management, or real estate transactions – people know each other, they are oftentimes even connected with each other long-term, and furthermore, they are often bound to cross paths once again at some point in the course of their professional lifetimes. Beyond the effective solution of the conflict, it is precisely the goal of a mediation to maintain the professional and interpersonal relationship. This way, a loss of client relationships or professional relationships is prevented and a successful cooperation is secured for the future.

Partner der KFR Rechtsanwälten

Our core competencies

We have long-standing experience in our consulting areas. This enables us to provide you with a quick and straightforward first assessment as well as, usually, a rough estimate of the required amount of work. When we advise you, we always take your economic interests into consideration. In the event that any practice areas are not covered by us, we will involve colleagues from other law firms upon your request, with which we have cooperated for years in this manner. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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